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there was 7 of us

    My name is Elisabeth Queen Wichrowe Laki.I´m newfoundland.I was born

     on June 15th 2005 in polish village of Pepowo under care of my breeders

     Mr. and Mrs.Nalazek.

    My mommy : Stokrotka Polna Wichrowe Laki-CWC,BOS

    Obrazek     Obrazek

   My daddy : Ch.Prince Pepi Wichrowe Laki -3xCACIB,3x BOS,10x BOB,

                                                     2x res.BOG,1xBIS,JuCH Polska


  Obrazek    Obrazek

                                          My pedigree.

    There was seven of us : 3 black girls,1 black and 3 black and white boys.


     When I was 4 weeks old my future Mom came to see me.She was so excited,

     she wanted all of us.But not me,I was acting up so she will understand I`m

     going to stay with my mommy forever :


    Fortunately it didn´t work.She came back in a month and we went together on our 

    220 miles long journey to my new home.There was awaiting so many new

    experiences and excitements for me,so I even didn´t miss my mommy (just in my

     dreams).If you want to see how I was growing up and what I experienced

     you should check out my photo album "Jak rostla".

     I´m a big girl now and here  is my brother Polish junior champion Epikur Duet

     Wichrowe Laki :

      Obrazek     Obrazek

     And what do I like ? TOYS !!! Mine,somebody else´s,new,fussy,plastic,

                                                    rubber....you name it :-)

     My favors are balls-any size,and my blue terry cloth doggie-my sleeping buddy.

     Swiming-wherever,whenever,it doesn´t matter whom or what I will swim with,

                   I just love water.

      Vanilla Wafers,sweet crem cheese,....or anything what anybody is eating.I like

       friends to play with,to get silly with or just to have fun.

       Thay say that I´m a claun and think they are right,I just to have fun !!!